Finally,... I heard again. It wasn't hard to hear but I was numb from the changes that I had placed around myself during the past few months. Their voices were always there reminding me that they had never left, but I had changed too much in my life all at once and this was keeping me from them. It began like fire that I could only see when I closed my eyes but without the warmth. As I began to feel the heat grow on the back of my neck and arms, I remembered the familiar goosebumps that came along with the feeling of being near to them while connected to them.  It was different this time. I had grown in ways that I had not been aware of due to the above mentioned change in my life and this made the connection strange and new somehow. I knew that I was not alone. I was aware of a bond that could never be broken and that bond was bigger than I had imagined. I felt connected to all of them at once and it was vast. It was all encompassing. I had become more passive and relaxed ab